Herzlich Willkommen bei Tanfana der leiblichen Tochter ESU KRISTs
Herzlich Willkommen bei Tanfanader leiblichen Tochter ESU KRISTs

The Last Seeress of the Teutons

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The centrepiece of this story is the encounter of the seeress Tanfana and Karl, King of the Franks (later known as Charlemagne) at the Externsteine in the summer of 772 C.E. It was then that King Karl gave the order to burn the Teutons’ sacred IRMINSUL and thereby set in motion the Christianisation of the Saxons, “as the last savage tribe of the Teutons,” by fire and sword. No written documentation exists of this meeting, yet it came to pass in just this way …

Both, the seeress Tanfana – named after the Great Goddess of the Teutonic people of the Marsi, whose temple consecrated to TANFANA had been razed by the Roman general Germanicus in autumn of 14 C.E. - and Karl, of the House of the Carolingians – were born in 747 C.E. Would the same fate, after almost eight hundred years, be visited upon the Saxons at the hands of Karl, the “new Roman,” as once befell the Marsi?

Is TANFANA - as feminine symbol of a vanished ancient civilisation – A WARNING VOICE IN TIMES OF GREAT CHANGE? In the 8th century, the primordial knowledge and wisdom of theTeutons, borne by the Divine Feminine, was nearing its end, and the West’s masculine history of power and war began.

“TANFANA – The Last Seeress of the Teutons” is a tribute to the once-overwhelming
cosmic and earthly knowledge of our forebears, borne by clairvoyant femininity. This is
inseparable from sensitive discernment of unconditional love, from a life in the light of
wisdom, from peace, healing, protection and motherliness. The eternal feminine principle is self-sustaining and self-existent, and can never be extinguished: “I am she who has created all things through purest love but was myself never born.” Our continent “EUROPA” – which literally means “the woman with the wide gaze” – was surely guided by this ancient knowledge when it was given this divine feminine name. And once again is TANFANA (Teutonic), EUROPÉ (Greek), EUROPA (Latin) a warning voice in these times of fundamental upheaval: Only in an unshakeable covenant of destiny with the primordial wellspring of all, the wellspring of love and its light, can the soul of humanity come to maturity in peace.

Autumn Equinox 2015

Petra Baumgart
Author of the TANFANA Trilogy

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